Specialization In Energy Engineering

RIT has Specialization In Energy Engineering

The Energy Engineers job profile includes discovering the new non-renewable energy sources and conserving the non-renewable sources of energy & supplying a good amount of sustainable resources. It also gives hands-on practice through practical field programmes. It is a broad field of engineering dealing with energy efficiency, energy services, environmental compliance and alternative energy technologies. The programme provides the engineering graduates with the knowledge base of how to use energy in the most environmental friendly and with economically efficient way. Energy engineers can develop technical skill in all matters to do with energy and environmental control and contribute in sustainable energy initiatives and researching new energy methods. Their field is not limited to strictly renewable energy like hydro, solar, biomass, or geothermal.  Energy engineers are also employed by Energy Generation companies, Academic institutions, Energy Consulting companies, Research Departments and Oil & Gas Exploration Agencies.

The programme also provides insights in solving problems in the storage, distribution, and utilization of energy using techniques such as analysis, design, and case studies. 


  • Energy Audit Engineer
  • Energy Manager
  • Research Institutions
  • Measurement and Verification Engineer
  • Measurement and Verification Energy Process Leader
  • Energy Performance Engineer