Privacy Policy

Visitors can visit to RIT Roorkee without revealing their personal information. There are some fields and entries where visitors need to fill their personal information; that personal data and facts are not to share with any of the third parties. There are several features and functions where visitors put their personal data are only stated for RIT College  will not disclose to open world unless:

  • You offer permission to share such information.
  • Institute can disclose these informations while processing under federal law, state law and other legal processes.
  • Institute can use these data and facts for further internal policies.

Using Cookies:
In cookies all the worthy and personal information is being stored that can be used for proper usage of certain features of RIT Roorkee. If you are using RIT Roorkee’s website on regular basis then several text files may be get store in cookies that can be used further. Thus, you may or may not use these cookies send by RIT Roorkee  when open out website in your browser. Refuse or ignorance of this functionality will disallow you to use certain areas of RIT Roorkee website.

Information Gathering:
Here, university can use IP addresses and other network of varied destinations and visitor’s region while checking and gathering of worthy information in respect of website’s traffic and to analyze the behavior and interest of the loyal visitors of the website.

Individual Accounts:
Individuals are solely responsible for the restricting access to their account, password and confidentiality of their accounts. RIT Roorkee’s website allow individual to create and maintain their account where they accept their responsibility in respect of all the activities connected with their accounts.

Third-Party Linked Sites:
RIT Roorkee includes third party links where the university is not liable or responsible for any loss by the use of third party links.