Utprerna – Social Service Club

UTPRERANA is a social welfare club which offers more than social skills to the students. It is a social learning community of RIT, which provides meaningful, practical and in-depth social & personal development by enabling them to develop their social excellence from inside out.

It also helps the students develop solid foundation in learning:

  • social responsibility,
  • people interaction,
  • broadening perspective
  • self regulation

It helps them solidify and keep healthy connection that is essential to a good life.

Students would know more about what is going on in the society; love the people around and the nature. They would also learn to live in harmony with the mindset of co­existence. It improves students’ personalities and makes them more confident in society and hence stimulates their sociability.

Activities under UTPRERANA:

  • Blood Donation, Medical and Donation Camps organized for the adopted Villages.
  • Various Campaigns for Social Awareness causes like No Plastic, Cleanliness, Girl Education.
  • Nukkad Nataks on social causes like Drug Use, Women Education, Female Feticide.
  • Candle Marches for Martyrs, Orphanage Visits
  • Distribution of Masks, Food Items and other Essentials during COVID-19 Lockdown.
  • Tie-up with an NGO- “Waste Warriors” in Uttarakhand under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.