Udaan – Cultural Club

UDAAN was formulated to satisfy the creative quest of the students. All the extra-curricular activities are conducted by the UDAAN Committee. It celebrates the cultural diversity, distinct interests, universal brotherhood along with developing relationships and learning various skills like time-management, stress-management, decision making and much more.

Events organized by UDAAN:

  • RIT’s annual seven day fest ANUGOONJ is remarkable for it is adorned with performances of celebrities like B.Praak, Dilbagh Singh, Gurdeep Mehendi
  • DJ nights, orientation trips, fresher’s party, Bonn fire and garba nights are organized by the UDAAN club.
  • International Students Day and global festivals like Halloween, Christmas, are also celebrated and organized by UDAAN.
  • Inter departmental cultural competitions including war of bands, dance, painting, dramatics, poetry, photography, movie making are some of the events and activities organized throughout the year.