Teaching Staff

S.No.DateTitleNo. of participants 
101-12-2021 to 07-12-2021 AICTE-ISTE  approved orientation programme on Energy Efficient Buildings organized by G H Patel College of Engineering & Technology, Gujrat4
223-11-21Webinar on Fundamentals of Highway Design organized by JUIT 3
308-11-2021 to 13-11-2021 AICTE- FDP on Deep Learning using Neural
 Network organized by UTU
414-11-2021 to 26-11-2021 AICTE-FDP on Incubation and Startups in
Defence Applications
522-11-2021 to 26-11-2021 AICTE-ATAL FDP on New age Infrastructures:
Their Analytical & Design Solutions
606-12-2021 to 10-12-2021 AICTE-ATAL FDP on Experiential learning in geotechnical Engg. 1
717-12-21 Webinar on Water Management in Hilly
 Areas for Sustainable Development conducted by IIT Indore, IIT Jammu & NIT Hamirpur
826-10-2021 to 28-10-2021 3 days training programme on Earthquake and
 cyclone Disaster Risk Mitiagation conducted by AU College of Engg A.P.
918-10-2021 to 22-10-2021 STTP on Application of AI, IOT & Nano Tech in civil Engg conducted by Marwadi University1
1025-10-2021 to 29-10-2021 STC on Advances in Geotechnical and Geo-environmental Engg (AGGE) organized by NIT Patna1
1102-10-21Certificate presented for Specifications and
Contract Provisions for Strangthening of Structiures through ultratech cement
1208-11-2021 to 12-11-2021 AICTE- FDP on Waste TechnologyEnergy Conservation and Utilization1
1301-12-2021 to 04-12-2021  Presented  a paper in 11th International conference on sustainable waste Management &  Circular Economy 1
1421-10-2021 to 22-10-2021  Presented  a paper in National seminor on applied Research held at Sharda University1
1514-02-2022 to 19-02-2022Course on Fundamentals of Photovoltaics through GIAN, IIT Jodhpur, 1
1628-02-2022 to 05-03-2022FDP on Quantum Computing Challenges and Opportunities organized by MIET Meerut 2
1714-11-2021 to 19-11-2021  Online FDP orgainsed By UTU, Dehradun
 on Incubation and Startups in Defence Applications
1826-12-2021 to 31-12-2021 Online training program on Industrial
 Automation By SLOG Solutions Pvt. Ltd 
1901-12-21Australian Patent on Evalute the effect of oscillation energy on machanical and metallurgical properties of non ferrous alloy 3
2006-12-2021 to 11-12-2021 Paticipated in Patent Drafting for Beginners,  held at JD College of Engineering & Management Nagpur 1
2129-12-21 Paticipated in IP Awareness/Training Programme, under National Intellectual Property/Awareness Mission 2
2226-04-2022 to 27-04-2022Presenting manuscript on Ensemble Emprical Mode Decomposition and Kurtosis with Expert System for Bearing Fault Diagonosis conducted by Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering
(RAMMML-2022) International Confernece 
2325-04-2022 to 30-04-2022Certificate for Successfully Delivering Hands on Traing during Industry 4.0 Training Bootcamp-2022 at RIT Roorkee13
2413-05-22Certificate presented to Dr Ajay Singh”An Expert Lecture Series on Fostering
 Research & Development-22
2513-05-22 Certificate presented to Dr Amrendra Kumar for “An Expert Lecture Series on Fostering
 Research & Development-22 at RIT Roorkee 
2629-4-2022 to 5-5-2022Pre Placement Training Bootcamp-2022
Student Maping Session  conducted by Garima Chandna held at RIT Roorkee
2729-4-2022 to 5-5-2022Pre Placement Training Bootcamp-2022
Student Mock Session conducted by Garima Chandna held at RIT Roorkee
2812-05-22Successfullly Completed Java Business Application Test conducted by IIT Bombay held at RIT Roorkee2
2912-05-22Successfullly Completed R Test conducted by IIT Bombay  held at RIT Roorkee2
3009-05-22Successfullly Completed Ardulno Test conducted by IIT Bombay  held at RIT Roorkee1
3109-05-22Successfullly Completed Python 3.4.3 Test conducted by IIT Bombay  held at RIT Roorkee2
3221-05-22Technomax Mentor, Digital Farming held at RIT Roorkee1
3321-05-22Technomax Mentor, Moska Bitan held at RIT Roorkee1
3421-05-22Technomax Mentor, Leaching proof Garbage Dumping Yard held at RIT Roorkee2
3521-05-22Technomax Mentor, Ensuring safety for Minors held at RIT Roorkee 2
3621-05-22Technomax Mentor, Chai on Call held at RIT Roorkee2
S.No.DateTitleNo. of participants 
126/8/2021 to 30/8/2021FDP on Practice Mangers for Industry 4.0 Conducted by Atal Academy1
213/9/2021 to 17/9/2021FDP on Organizational Behaviour conducted by Atal Academy1
330/6/2021 to 30/7/2021Certificate for Innovation Ambassador training conducted by MoE’s Innovation cell7
42/3/2021 to 6/3/2021Course on Importance of product design innvations organized by IIT Roorkee1
530-09-21Online lecture on Reinventing Indian Education under AICTE1
624/8/2021 to 9/9/2021Online FDP on a2z of NBA Accreditation Process organized by IEC Ghaziabad2
726/7/2021 to 30/7/20215 days FDP Program on Effective Business & Research Decision organized by RIT Roorkee6
813-07-21Webinar on a collabrative approach to career planning & placement organized by RIT Roorkee1
926/7/2021 to 30/7/20215 days online FDP Program on UHV organized by AICTE1
1026/7/2021 to 30/7/2021one week online FDP Program on Sustainable Rural development organized by NITTTR, Chandigarh1
1112/7/2021 to 16/7/2021FDP on Secrets of human bio-energy field & subconscious mind Conducted by Atal Academy1
1227-04-21RSC desktop seminar lectureship with EES1
1309-11-20Presentation at virtual conference conducted by SCIINOV1
1418/9/2021 to 16/10/2021Webinar on Advanced testing technology for Geotechnical investigation conducted by JUIT1
151/3/2021 to 5/3/2021Certificate as a Project Initiator in Start-up conclave1
161/3/2021 to 5/3/2021Certificate as a Mentor in Start-up conclave2
1728-04-21Certificate presented for Quality Assurance in cement industry for world class construction1
1820/9/2021 to 24/9/2021FDP on Secrets of Recent advances in pavement analysis, design & evolution Conducted by Atal Academy1
1905-09-21Webinar on Sustainable Advanced in Geotechnical engineering pratices conducted by NIT Patna3
2025-08-21Successfully Completed CEU: 0.1 through ASCE1
2120-08-21Successfully Completed CEU: 0.2 through ASCE1
2220-08-21Successfully Completed CEU: 0.1 through ASCE1
2317-08-21Successfully Completed CEU: 0.1 through ASCE1
2417-08-21Successfully Completed CEU: 0.2 through ASCE1
2517-08-21Successfully Completed virtual event & conservation in action tour series protecting pollinators & managing their habitats through ASA1
262-08-2021 to 14-08-20212 week STC on Emerging technology in electric vehicles1
2711-05-21Certificate of course completion of Introduction to IOT conducted by CISCO Academy1
2806-07-21Successfully completed non-credit online course specialization through coursera3
2928-06-2021 to 4-07-2021online FDP program on Strengthning Academic & Research Pursuit in 21st century by Sharda university1
3006-08-2021 to 07-08-20212 days training on Entrepreneurship development through Hi-Tech horiculture1
3107-06-2021 to 12-06-2021FDP program on Copetitive Coding conducted by E & ICT Academy1
3219-07-2021 to 24-07-2021FDP program on Website Development using Wordpress conducted by E & ICT Academy2
3317-06-21Successfully completed non-credit online course specialization through coursera1
3405-07-2021 to 10-07-2021FDP program on Python conducted by E & ICT Academy3
3511-06-2021 to 27-06-2021FDP program on Data Science conducted by E & ICT Academy4
3626-07-2021 to 31-07-2021FDP program on App Development with Android conducted by E & ICT Academy1
3721-06-2021 to 26-06-2021FDP program on Advanced Excel with Data Visualization conducted by E & ICT Academy2
3819/7/2021 to 23/7/2021FDP on Cyber Threat Intelligence & Digital Forensics conducted by Atal Academy1
3913-07-21Webinar entitled A Collaborative Approach to Career Planning and Placement organized by RIT, Roorkee1
4016-07-21Successfully completed non-credit online course specialization through Yonsei University1
4116-07-21Webinar on Different types of Cyber Attacks and  Countermeasures organized by MGGAC1
4228-07-2021 to 1-08-2021FDP program on Data Science conducted by Atal  Academy1
4329-07-2021 to 31-07-2021Contribution in conference as an invited speakar in INCEEM-2021 
4419/7/2021 to 23/7/2021FDP on Internet of Things an Emerging Technology conducted by Atal Academy1
4524-07-21Successfully completed non-credit online course specialization through coursera4
4612/7/2021 to 16/7/2021FDP on Cyber Crime Defensive Practice and Safe Computing conducted by Atal Academy1
4723-07-21Successfully completed non-credit online course specialization through coursera1
4820-07-21Successfully Completed virtual event & conservation in action tour seriesNavigation Carbon Markets through ASA1
4905-07-2021 to 9-07-2021FDP on Macine Learning & Computer Vision conducted by Atal Academy2
5024-07-21Successfully completed non-credit online course specialization through coursera1
5119/7/2021 to 22/7/2021Participated in ICSEM-2021 conducted by Sharda University3
5212/7/2021 to 16/7/2021FDP on Lab on a Chip Conducted by Atal Academy1
5305-07-2021 to 9-07-2021FDP on Application of Robotics in enhancing learning content conducted by Atal Academy3
5405-07-2021 to 9-07-2021FDP on Artificial intelligence in biomedical engineering conducted by Atal Academy1
5505-07-2021 to 9-07-2021FDP on Emerging Paradism in Organizational Behaviour conducted by Atal Academy2
5612/7/2021 to 16/7/2021FDP on Cyber Security and Applications by Atal Academy1
5711-05-21Certificate of course completion of Networking Essentials conducted by CISCO Academy1
5803-07-2021 to 05-07-2021Workshop on Fundamentals of Stock Market Trading & Experiencing it through virtual trading1
5928-06-2021 to 2-07-2021online FDP program on Soft Skills conducted by NITTTR1
6003-07-21online FDP program on National Education Policy conducted by St.Pious X Degree & PG College for women1
6125-06-2021 to 26-06-2021Successfully Completed 15 credits of international certified career coach program1
6203-07-21Webinar entitled Internet of things & its applications organized by RIT Roorkee1
6305-07-2021 to 9-07-2021FDP on Wearable Device & Antenna Technology for IOT, Mobile & Telemedicine Application conducted by Atal Academy1
6405-07-2021 to 9-07-2021FDP on Nano Sensors conducted by Atal Academy1
6505-07-2021 to 10-07-2021FDP program on Cloud Computing conducted by E & ICT Academy1
66 14-07-2021Webinar on Railway Monitoring Systems using Wireless Sensor Network organized by Atria Institute of Technology1
67 14-07-2021FDP on Cyber Security Tools for the Youth by KLECET, Karnatka1
6814/6/2021 to 12/7/2021Participated in 4 weeks Women Entrepreneurship Development Program1
6905-07-2021 to 9-07-2021FDP on Fin Tech Innovation & Transformation in Financial Market and Investment Strategies by Atal Academy1
70 16-03-2021Participated in webinar on IPR & Patenting1
7112-12-20FDP on NAAC Process on Quality Advancement 1
7205-07-21Official Letter for the IAENG Membership 1
7308-08-20Certificate for Best Practices in Planning & Design of Earthquake Resistant Structures1
7407-08-20Webinar on Energy Justice & Energy Security in India organized by UTU Dehradun1
7528-11-20Paticipation in Live Masterclass on Patent Drafting organized by Turnip Innovations1
7616-08-20Webinar on post covid impact on college placement1
7722-06-21Webinar on Hands on Experience-Building Efficient Survey Questionnaire and tools & technique for Referencing1
7821-06-21Paticipation in International Yoga Day organized by PMC, Aligarh1
7905-06-2021 to 7-06-2021Successfully Completed Online Quiz on Adverse Effects of the Global Warming conducted by Mandsaur University1
8010-05-2021 to 14-05-2021One week online workshop on Teaching and learning padagogi, RSRI Tamil nadu1
8122-06-2021Online non credit specialiation through course era1
8217-06-2021Online non credit specialiation through course era1
8316-06-2021Online non credit specialiation through course era1
8414-06-2021Online non credit specialiation through course era1
8506-08-21Introduction to cyber security course by CISCO1
8631-05-2021Couse complition on Data base programming with PL-SQL by Oracal Academy1
8716-06-2021Online non credit course on introduction to financial accounting by course era1
8816-06-2021Online non credit course on introduction to coorporate finance by course era1
8916-06-2021Webinar on cyber security and ethical hacking by CRESENT Institute chennei1
906-10/7/2020FDP on Emerging trends in ethical hacking and cyber security by Hindustan Institute of technology1
9122-06-2021Instructor course on network security fundamental by PALO ALTO Network Authorized cyber security academey1
9219-21/06/2020FDP on Role of Latex in Sceintific writing by BBDNIIT Lucknow1
9315-19/06/2020FDP on Digital Image processing with reasearch methadelogy organized by KCE COINTOR1
9415-19/06/2020FDP on R programming by USERC1
958-10/06/2020Online FDP on Machine Learning using Python by Poornima Institute of Engineering and technology1
9605-05-21Instructor course on cyber security foundation by PALO ALTO Network Authorized cyber security academey1
9720-21/02/2021Paper presented in ICIRASE 20211
98Jan-April, 2020NEPTEL Certification in Compiler desgin1
9921-06-201Webinar on AC Drive system by SGU Kolapur1
10021-06-2021Webinar on Wireless Charging for electric vehical by GRT Chennai1
10118-06-2021Webinar on Renewable energy systems by SRINIVASA Ramanujan Institute of technology, chennai1
10217-06-2021Webinar on AI & Mahine Learning by St. joseph’sCollege, Chennai1
10316-06-2021Webinar on Types of motors used in E vehicle1
10415-06-2021Webinar on Brain wave controlling robotics by PET engineering college, Chennai1
10515-06-201Weninar on 5G Wireless communication by kumaraguru College of technology, Chennai1
1065-6/06/2021Manuscript Publicationon Use of fiber reinforced concrete by using glass fiber by IJSREM e-journal1
10706-05-20Webinar on Internet of things by FEI Tech Private limited1
10811-27/06/2021FDP on Data Science by E & ICT Academy, IIT Kanpur1
10931 May-04 June/ 2020Certificate on Master Class on machine Learning by Pantech Prolabs India Pvt Ltd1
11024-28/05/2021Certificate on Master Class on deep Learning by Pantech Prolabs India Pvt Ltd1
11117 May-17 June/2021Certificate on Matlab Master Class by Pantech Prolabs India Pvt Ltd1
11205-09-21Course on Database Programming with SQL by ORACLE Academy1
11325-04-2021Course on AI with ML by ORACLE Academy1
11418-04-2021Course on Java Programming by ORACLE Academy1
11511-27/06/201FDP on Data Science by E & ICT Academy, IIT Kanpur1
11606-05-21Course on Networking Essentials by Cisco Networking Academy1
11730-06-2021Course on Introduction to cloud identity by Coursera1
11831 May-06 June/2021FDP on Machine Learning Based Applications by Sreyas institute of Engineering and technology, Hyderabad1
11914-06-2021National level webinar on Intellectual Proerty Rights by St. Mary’s Centenary Degree college1
12014-18/06/2021Online FDP on ECE Virtual lab Practices using free online simulations by NITTTR, Chandigarh1
1217-11/06/2021Online FDP on AI for EngineeringApplications by NITTTR, Chandigarh1
12219-23/10/2021Online FDP on Mobile Broadband Transformation by NITTTR, Chandigarh1
12315-5-2021Certificate forcompletion of Arduino Training by the spoken tutorial project, IIT Bombay1
12405-12-21Course on Intriduction to IOT by Cisco networking academy1
12521-26/06/2021Online FDP on ECE Multifunctional Nanomaterials and Characterization by NITTTR, Chandigarh1
12622-06-2021Course on Web Design for everybody capstone by coursera1
12711-06-201Course on Statistics for data science with python by coursera1
12806-02-21Online non credit specialization on Data science fundamentals with python and SQL by Coursera1
12906-11-21Course on Database and SQL for Data science with python by coursera1
13016-06-2021Course on Introduction to CSS3 by coursera1
13106-10-21Course on data visualization with Python 1by coursera1
13206-10-21Course on Applied Data science capstone by coursera1
13306-05-21Course on Data analysis with python by coursera1
13430-5-2021Course on Python for data science AI & development by coursera1
13526-05-2021Course on what is data science by coursera1
13629-05-2021Course on data science methodology by coursera1
13722-06-2021Online non credit specialization on web design for everybody by Coursera1
13831-05-2021Course on Tools for data science by coursera1
13914-06-2021Course on introduction to HTML5 by coursera1
14006-02-21Online non credit specialization on Introduction to data science by coursera1
14106-02-21Course on python project for data science by coursera1
14217/06/2021course on advanced styling with responsive design by coursera1
14301-07-21Course on successful negotiation essential strategies and skills by coursera1
14405-10-21Course on Introduction to cybersecurity courseand demonstratiaying the ability by coursera1
14505-11-21Course on Introduction to IoT by Coursera1
14621-25/06/2021Online FDP on System Engineering by Maulana azad national institute of technology bhopal1
14730/06/2021Course on introduction to TCP/IP by Coursera1
14811-27/06/2021FDP on Data Science by E & ICT Academy, IIT Kanpur1
14929/6/2021Course on Introduction to cybersecurity tools & cyber by Coursera1
15025/6/2021Webinar on National education policy 2020 by Dr B R Ambedkar national institute of technology, jalandhr1
15121/5/2021Course on AI with ML by ORACLE Academy1
15219-24/4/2021FDP on Python by E & ICT Academy, IIT kanpur1
15314-18/6/2021Online AICTE FDP on Autocad by NITTTR, Chandigarh2
15411-12/11/2020National seminar (web) on Ancient indian education system by NITTTR Kolkata1
15519-6/2021On-site evaluation concrete strength by CAPO test certificate by UltraTech Cement Ltd.1
15616/6/2021Webinar on cyber security and ethical hacking by CRESENT Institute chennei1
15716/6/2021Course on Operating systems and you by coursera1
1587-6/6/2021Hands on workshop on Mobile App development by St. Joseph’s Institute of technology, Chennai1
1592-8/6/2021Online FDP on Innovative pedagogy for effective te aching & E-learning during covid era by IIMT college of management, UP1
1601-6/2/2021Online FDP on Strategic planning for higher education institutions by Model institute of engineering & technology, jammu1
16114-16/6/2021Online AICTE FDP on Quantum and Energy materials by NITTTR, Chadigarh1
16220/5/2021Certificte on The fundamentals of digital marketing by Google digital unlocked1
16324-29/5/2021Workshopon Research methodology by Prestige institute of management dewas.1
16422-27/2/021FDP on Internet of Things by EdGate Technologies Pvt Ltd Bangalore.64
16526-31/12/2020Online Training Program on Communication Skills by Slog Solution Pvt. Ltd.17
16626-31/12/2020Online Training Program on Campus to Corporate by Slog Solution Pvt. Ltd.14
16726-31/12/2020Online Training Program on Home Automation by Slog Solution Pvt. Ltd.4
16826-31/12/2020Online Training Program on IOT by Slog Solution Pvt. Ltd.2
16926-31/12/2020Online Training Program on CAD/CAM by Slog Solution Pvt. Ltd.3
17026-31/12/2020Online Training Program on Foundation design & detailing of building by Slog Solution Pvt. Ltd.3
17126-31/12/2020Online Training Program on AI & ML by Slog Solution Pvt. Ltd.4
17226-31/12/2020Online Training Program on Software Testing by Slog Solution Pvt. Ltd.2
17326-31/12/2020Online Training Program on Mobile BTS Tower Automation by Slog Solution Pvt. Ltd.4
17426-31/12/2020Online Training Program on AutoCad by Slog Solution Pvt. Ltd.4
17526-31/12/2020Online Training Program on Industrial Automation by Slog Solution Pvt. Ltd.3
17618/8/2020National Confrence on Sustainable development and business by PGDAV College University of Deldhi1
17714-18/7/2020National level online FDP on AI Application through ML by Balaji Institute of Technology & science1
1788-11/9/2020Four day webinar by UCOST, Dehradun/TIFAC1
17926-31/12/2020Online Training Program on Python Programming by Slog Solution Pvt. Ltd.2
S.No.DateTitleNo. of participants 
12-6/11/2019FDP on Machine Learning, UTU TEQIP-II7
21-6/7/2019TEQIP -III  F.D.P.Programme2
3 SPOC  Felicitation workshop Kanpur  
44-6/11/2019Ducat – RIT Roorkee 4
58-14/7/2019IIT Kanpur- 5G Technologies  STC on Matlab Project1
68-14/7/2019IIT Kanpur- 5G Technologies  Short Course on Massive MIMO 2
79-13/12/2019Deep Learining and Applications- One week FDP16
816/10/2019NPTEL Workshop 28
917-22/6/2019AICTE sponsored One week FDP14
1017-20/10/2019IEEE Kerala Section  Tencon 20192
1120-22/1/2020Leadership Development FDP Programme 24
1230-Nov to 1 Dec ,2019NAAC Accreditation for quality Assurance FDP39
138-12/7/2019FDP on VLSI ChipDesign, EICT RIT Roorkee1
1414-18/1/2020FDP on Network Security and AI, IIT Roorkee1
1527-28/1/2020FDP on New and innovative Teaching Technique, TEQIP-II UTU3
168-12/7/2019AICTE sponsored One week STC3
176-8/8/2019RIT  FDP 5 G Wireless Technologies 22
186-7/9/2019NCMTSEFT-19  Paper Presentation 2
1913-17/1/2020ICT Tools for Teaching Learning Process & Institutes, RIT Roorkee18
2023-245/2019Workshop by TEQIP, UTU Dehradun 1
2123-2712/2019FDP by NITTT & R Chandigarh 1
2224-28/6/2019FDP by NITTTR Chandigarh 1
231-6/7/2019AICTE sponsored One week FDP1
245-6/10/2019TEQIP -III  workshop on Outcome based education3
2502-09-20Workshop by Acss 2020, IIITDelhi 1
262019Internshala Internship Day 20193
2723-27/12/2019STC by SPARC IIT Roorkee 1
2831 July- 2 Aug/ 2019ISB Family Business: Managing Growth and Transformation 1
2920/6/2019Seminar by WIPO, ASSOCHAM1
3011-15/5/2020FDP by NITTTR Chandigarh 1
3110-15/5/2020NAAC Accreditation for quality Assurance FDP1
3224/5/2020RIT certificate of participation in webinar1
3316-17/6/2020National webinar on Smart materials, TMU Muradabad1
3418-19/6/2020Seminar by KM Jabalpur1
3506-01-20Online seminar by Anton Paar1
3626-28/12/20199th National confrence, IISE Pune1
376-7/9/2019National Confrence , NCMTSEFT-19, TEQIP-III1
3816/4/2020National webinar on virtual lab by IET1
3919-23/5/2020Workshop on awarenwss on industry safety, SAEC1
406-7/5/2020Workshop on Patent drafting, JAER1
4131/5/2020Online workshop by Skyfi Lab1
4229/5/2020Weninar on Insights to industry 4.0 by SAEC2
4305-10-20National webinar by IIT Bombay1
446-7/8/2019National Workshop by IIT Ropar1
453-7/6/2019FDP by MHRD sponsored by IIT Roorkee1
4625/2/2020TEQIP-III one day workshop, RIT Roorkee1
4724/2/2020TEQIP-III one day workshop, RIT Roorkee1
4830/5/2020Webinar by IQAC UKS1
4916/5/2020Webinar on Durability of concrete1
5027-28/1/2020TEQIP-III FDP, UTU Dehradun1
51July-Sept, 2019NPTEL FDP on Educational Leadership1
529-14/9/2019Training Programme on Bussiness Analytics by IIM6
5319-23/4/2020AICTE Online workshop on UHV2
5417-21/6/2019TEQIP-III STC on Predictive analytics,IIT Roorkee2
556-7/11/2020Virtual Seminar on Industry 4.0 by KONGU1
5620-21/12/20195th International NGCT 2019, UPES1
57July-Sept, 2019NPTEL FDP 1
5812-10-19TEQIP-III Summit 20191
592-15/1/2019FDP on Entrepreneurship, ABES1
609-10/8/2019International Conclave, ISTD2
6123-26/6/2020Certifate by Motherhood University1
6230/5/2020Certifate by Motherhood University1
6316/5/2020Certifate by Motherhood University1
6423/6/2020National webinar TEQIP-III Certificate1
6528 Feb-1 March, 20202nd National workshop, Subharti2
6603-07-20national confrence, RIT Roorkee1
6716-17/2/2020Paper presented in National Seminar1
6805-12-20Certification in communication skill, Alison1
6904-12-20National Webinar on Impact of covid 19 by LEGALFOXES 1
7024/5/2020International webinar on cyber security, Subharti1
7120-21/5/2020Certifate by Motherhood University1
7217/5/2020National webinar on online education1
7305-10-20National webinar by SIES1
7425/4/2020Certificate of participation by Solution for URIP1
7526/5/2020Webinar by Vivek College Bijnor1
7615/5/2020Quize on Reasearch Methadology, MUA UP1
7717/5/2020Quize on Reasearch Methadology, MUA UP1
7824/4/2020Online programme by AI-Barkaat 1
7919-25/5/2020Online Workshop by EMEA Kerela1
805-11/5/2020FDP by ST Joseph’s PU College1
8129/5/2020Certificate of participation by SRM1
8211-14/6/2020Online programme by AI-Barkaat 1
8315-21/6/2020Certificate Latest teaching learning trend, ST.AIT1
8422-27/6/2020FDP on Resent trend by INVERTIS1
8513/6/2020National Webinar, ST.AIT1
8606-10-20Webinar on effective and quality research, SPM1
8719/6/2020Webinar by SPM1
8825/6/2020Webinar on medical, CUSAT1
8906-12-20National Webinar by JKKMCT1
9006-06-20National Webinar on Impact of covid 19 by SLS1
91July-Aug, 2019NPTEL FDP2
928-12/7/2019AICTE sponsored QIP STC1
932019Training on Data Analytics, IIT Roorkee1
945-9/3/2019TEQIP-III Training Programme, UTU1
95April to June, 2019Certificate Publication by IJRECE1
962-6/3/2020FDP NITTTR, Chandigarh1
9713/6/2020E FDP by AMET1
988-12/6/2020FDP on Recent trend in electronics, CIT1
9930/5/2020Webinar on recent trend of ICT1
10027/5/2020Online quiz certificate by MLR2
10118-22/5/2020NITTTR FDP1
10227/5/2020IQAC National Webinar by GMPGC MP2
10314/5/2020National webinar by SRGC1
10417/5/2020COVID 19 awareness quiz 1
10513/5/2020national level online quiz by NGPIT1
1066-7/5/2020Patent drafting by JAER1
10717 April- 1 May, 2020FDP on technological advancement by NGPIT1
10806-10-20Webinar on Land Slide control by DBGU1
1092-6/6/2020NITTTR FDP1
1102-6/3/2020Certificate on Startup incubation , IIM Lucknow1
S.No.DateTitleNo. of participants 
15-6/10/2018Technoxian RIT Award to organizing district championship1
211-17/2/2019FDP at Edgate Technologies Pvt Ltd Bangalore under Texas Instruments University Program Group 2
315-17/2/2019STC on Sustainable urban transport design of road infrastructure and facilites,IIT Kharagpur1
423/11/2018Academic achievement award, RIT2
523-24/3/2019TEQIP-III UTU D.Dun workshop on IOT & Data analytics in Education1
602-07-19National workshop on IPR as a strategic tool for start ups and innovators, RIT school of management9
715/11/2018Online Course on PPS conducted by E & ICTAcademy, IIT Kanpur1
816/10/2019NTPEL workshop by IIT Roorkee , RIT Rorkee 1
917-22/6/2019Oneweek FDP on Smart cites & infrastructure developmen, UTU DDN TEQIP-III Workshop1
1016/11/2018RIT Roorkee workshop on Foundation Program on Data Analytics1
1111-15/02/2019STC on Laboratory practices in electrical machines and control, NITTTR Chandigarh1
1211-15/02/2019STC on Green manufacturing, NITTTR Chandigarh1
136-18/5/2019Instructional School for teachers on Analysis and PDE, National Centre for Mathematics IIT Bombay1
1427-28/4/2019RIT Roorkee 16th International Conference on IC-IRSTMTISDS-20192
1529-30/10/2018National confrence on Recent advances in chemical and nano science, HNBGU Srinagar2
1626-30/11/2018Course on Population balance equations with applications1
1724-28/7/2018FDP on Importance of student induction program, SCE Dehradun1
1828-29/3/2019All India Seminar on Cyber Physical Systems for Digital India and Sustainable development, TEQIP-III UTU1
1931/0/2018Online confrence by AWS1
203-7/6/2019FDP on System thinking and environmental engineering for sustainable decision making, IIT Kharagpur TEQIP1
2123-24/5/2019Workshop on IoT and data analytics in education, U.TU. Dehradun 1
2216/11/2018RIT  Foundation Program on data analytics1
23Oct-Nov, 2018Six Sigma Green Bell Training Course 1
2416-25/2/2019Workshop on Cisco Network Design & Implementation at RIT Roorkee, ACES ACM IIT Delhi1
25Jan-April, 2019Couse on Introduction to automata, languanges and computaion from NPTEL1
S.No.DateTitleNo. of participants 
102-05-18Power Plant and boiler typesforautomation industries, Consortium network1
227-28/04/2018Introduction to Robotics, IIT Bombay  2 day Workshop 1
313/11/2017Hands on exposer in Latex, IIT Bombay workshop3
46-8/10/2017Workshop on Crypology,Sharda University1
56-7/4/20182nd National Conference JBIT1
627-28/10/2017 Workshop on Materials characterization by SEM, TEM, XRD& EBSD  GB Pant Pauri4
715-17/03/20183 days Entrepreneurship Awarenesh camp, ABES Engg College Gaziabad1
87-8/4/2018Participated in ICARES-2018 confrence in Jaipur4
927-28/4/2018Participate in NCRFC-2018 confrence in HNBGU2

Non Teaching Staff

S.No.DateTitleNo. of participants 
112-10-2020 to               31-10-2020Skill Development programme8
226-12-2020 to               31-12-2020Communication Skills Training8
S.No.DateTitleNo. of participants 
121-02-20Communication Skills Training6
S.No.DateTitleNo. of participants 
105-09-18University Portal Training22
S.No.DateTitleNo. of participants 
103-01-18Scholarship Portal Training25