Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology

Undergraduate Program
Head of Department
3 years

RIT Roorkee School of Paramedical Sciences introduces BSc. Medical Lab Technology (MLT). The program Duration is 3 years.

The BMLT course enables the students to acquire the scientific basis, theoretical and the practical preparation necessary to practice the profession of a Bio-medical Laboratory Technician. The methodology and culture necessary to acquire the attitude for lifelong learning of relevant medical practices, competence level and confidence of a professional, decision-making ability and operational autonomy to master all the necessary skills and their immediate usability in the workplace are embedded in the pedagogy. The students thus acquire the professional skills through theoretical and practical training that also include the acquisition of behavioural skills in the specific work context, duly connected with the proper understanding of the associated medical subjects. Exposure to all the professional fields related to the laboratories of Biology, Anatomy and Clinical Biochemistry is attached with the curriculum.

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